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November 5, 2008

Public Accounting Continues to Seek Skilled Employees

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In light of largely gloomy headlines in the financial sector news, the story today from, citing a Robert Half International study that finds demand for accountants remains ready, seems somewhat contrarian.

“There continues to be a shortage of public accountants CPAs,” says Kathy Downs, Recruiting Manager at Robert Half Finance & Accounting. While some corporations do not require their in-house accountants to have the CPA designation, it’s generally required in public accounting. 

“We’re seeing demand in certain areas of accounting, especially in audit,” says Scott Ruoti of Harmer Associates, an executive recruiter in Minneapolis. “Firms seem to be paying a premium for audit, as well as candidates who have experience with SEC issues.”

Furthermore, RHI’s salary guide indicates experienced professionals can expect salary increases in the range of 4.1 to 4.5%, with mid-level professionals looking at raises between 3.3 and 4.2%.

March 20, 2008

New E&Y Careers Site

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Yesterday, Ernst & Young announced a new careers portal, EY Insight.

As part of Ernst & Young LLP’s ongoing focus to recruit a broad talent base of approximately 10,000 employees this year, the firm has launched EY Insight, a fully interactive careers web site experience that provides engaging, personalized tools for prospective employees. EY Insight can be viewed at

The site itself is slickly designed, the epitome of Gen-Y targeting on the Web. One interesting feature, Picture Yourself, is a shopping-cart-like tool to assemble a matrix of academic experience and job interests into potential E&Y career paths.E&Y Picture Yourself“EY 360″ repackages the tried and true “portrait of a young professional” profile and creates a Facebook style snapshot, including “confessions” and a sample daily timeline, complete with a video of a 7:00 AM surfing session before work.

March 6, 2008

Deloitte on the Front Page and in the Classroom

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The Wall Street Journal features a front-page story this morning on corporate efforts to provide and supplement curricula in schools, including Deloitte.

In a recent class at Abraham Clark High School in Roselle, N.J., business teacher Barbara Govahn distributed glossy classroom materials that invited students to think about what they want to be when they grow up. Eighteen career paths were profiled, including a writer, a magician, a town mayor — and five employees from accounting giant Deloitte LLP.
“Consider a career you may never have imagined,” the book suggests. “Working as a professional auditor.”

While some will undoubtedly criticize a commercial influence in schools, I feel Deloitte’s program as described is necessary and beneficial for all parties. After all, the bulk of corporate presence in schools is more likely to be marketing and sales–vending machines and the like– then educational materials, even if from a particular corporate viewpoint. In Deloitte’s case, they are not pulling out the best and brightest prospects immediately, leaving mysteriously empty desks across Advanced Placement classrooms. Instead, these sort of programs just provide some awareness of the profession and careers in it.

September 12, 2007

Deloitte Film Fest

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While E&Y is sponsoring a video contest on college campuses, Deloitte is featuring short films produced by its own staff, under the name “What’s Your Deloitte?”

Deloitte & Touche debuted a Deloitte Film Festival featuring short films submitted by teams of Deloitte employees from around the U.S.

Staffers were encouraged to make short YouTube-like films on the theme of “What’s Your Deloitte?” The firm posted the films on an intranet, where other staff members could rate them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Deloitte will make the videos available to the general public.

Deloitte supplied the 370 teams who submitted entries with Panasonic Mini-DV cameras. The firm says that it will eventually donate the equipment to non-profits.

Both Deloitte’s internal contest and E&Y’s campus competition are aimed at the coveted Gen-Y talent pool, seeking to meet this generation where they are. While both firms have the media—video—and the method—viral, user-contributed—right, one hopes the content and presentation is high-quality and authentic.

Link: Deloitte Press Release

E&Y Sponsors Student Video Competition

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Ernst & Young is sponsoring campus video competition with an interesting prize—a business trip with E&Y CEO Jim Turley. The contest asks student teams from more than 75 college campuses to create videos promoting the profession, with the theme, “Why professional services?”

Leading professional services firm
Ernst & Young LLP announced the launch of a video competition for college
students in the U.S. and Canada as part of the firm’s enhanced efforts to
engage and connect with recruits. The competition, titled “Reel Influence,”
allows teams of students to make an impact on their peers, faculty, the
business community, and future recruits by sharing a vision of their career
through video.

Ernst & Young’s press release is available from PRNewsWire.

June 15, 2007

Accounting Camp for High Schoolers

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Via a posting at JobsInTheMoney, Ernst & Young and the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management are sponsoring a summer program for minority high school students to promote careers in accounting.

This year, 21 juniors and seniors are staying in UA dorms for a week and getting a taste of both college life and the field of accounting.

“Accounting has a geeky, green eye shade kind of image,” said Mark Stephens, managing partner of the Phoenix office of Ernst & Young, where the students spent Tuesday learning about the company. “We want to share with them how interesting and diverse a field it is.”

Better yet, this is the third year of the program.

May 30, 2007

E&Y on

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NPR’s Morning Edition has a brief mention of a new Ernst & Young recruiting tactic, following Gen Y talent to

“Generation Me.” That’s one term for a generation obsessed with affirmation, iPods and Blackberrys. Companies are doing whatever they can to pull them in. The consulting firm Ernst and Young hopes to hire more than 3,000 entry-level associates this year. So it set up a recruiting page on the social networking site Facebook, featuring video testimonials and blogs. More than six-thousand “friends” are signed up on the site. But the company warns its members to be careful to only post comments if its something they would say at work.

E&Y Facebook page

April 21, 2007

KPMG Boosting Campus Recruiting

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KPMG says that it is targeting 3,000 campus recruits for its audit and advisory practices in the US, according to NewYorkBusiness.Com article.

To reach its goal in a tight job market, the Park Avenue firm is rolling out new pilot programs to attract the brightest college graduates in accounting and finance. Perks include training in Madrid, auditing contests with cash prices, free trips to New York City and four week internship postings to KPMG offices around the world.
“It’s becoming more and more competitive every day,” says Manny Fernandez, KPMG’s national managing partner of campus recruiting. The headcount of Mr. Fernandez’s division dedicated to hiring off college campuses has increased 50% to 120 over the past two years.

To put that 3,000 candidate target number in perspective, that represents 14% of KPMG’s total US headcount. That illustrates a key challenge professional services—fulfulling the need for large numbers of skilled people in an industry with ever growing demands for services while trying to keep the people it already has.

June 28, 2006

ComputerWorld IT Employers List Ranks Professional Services Firms

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Grant Thornton ranked an impressive fifth on ComputerWorld’s most recent survey of Best Places to Work in IT. ComputerWorld notes that GT allows its IT staff to choose the project teams and special assignments to which they are assigned. The magazine also has an interesting look at a day in the life of the GT IT organization.
Ernst & Young (#45) and KPMG LLP (#57) were the only Big Four firms on the top 100.

Links: ComputerWorld 2006 Best Places to Work in IT, E&Y Press Release

April 27, 2006

Big Four Human Resources

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In the past week, several items have popped regarding talent, recruiting and human resources in professional services. Some news is good, some is bad, and is some good for organizations other than the Big Four.

First, Ernst & Young won several workplace diversity awards from DiversityInc magazine. The 2006 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity is billed by the magazine as the “most objective, empirical arbitrator of national standards for diversity-management success.” Ernst & Young ranked 24th on the overall top 50 list, and sixth on a top ten list for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees.
Ernst & Young also received a separate award for being among the best places to work in Canada. The Great Place to Work® Institute ranked E&Y 13th out of 30 employers on its 2006 Best Workplaces in Canadalist. This institute is the same organization that produces the 100 Best Companiesin the US for Fortune magazine.

Next, ran an article earlier this month, “The People Who Count,” about the ever increasing battle for qualified CPA’s.

The Big Four have doubled their assurance staffs in the past five years and are expected to nearly double them again in the next five, thanks largely to Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley. Smaller accounting firms, their client rosters expanding thanks to new rules on auditor independence, are also upping the ante. Add to that a precipitous plunge in the number of accounting degrees granted in the late 1990s and disaffection with corporate finance jobs, and suddenly the labor pool is roiled by a perfect storm, one that CFOs readily admit is difficult to navigate.

This competition for talent has naturally raised salaries, as much as 25% over the past several years. Furthermore, the problem is long term. Allan Koltin, of PDI Global Inc., predicts that current 20% overdemand of CPA supply will continue for 10 to 15 years. CFO.Com does find a positive, at least for its corporate readership, in the fact that turnover in public accounting firms is at 17% annually at the largest firms and 15% at smaller firms.

And on a positive note, the Deloitte Foundation announced a $4 million gift to the University of Illinois to fund the school’s newly created Center for Professional Responsibilities in Business and Society.

The development of the center, which is dedicated to educating future generations of business leaders about their professional responsibilities, will be led by the Department of Accountancy within the College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Under the $4 million, eight-year commitment, Deloitte will become the university’s sole founding partner for the center. Additionally, the center’s annual conference will be known as the Deloitte Symposia on Professional Responsibility.

James Quigley, Deloitte’s CEO, also noted that the U of I has produced more of Deloitte’s professionals and partners than any other institution.

Links: “Ernst & Young RANKS NO. 24 on the 2006 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity List”, CFO.Com: The People Who Count, Deloitte Foundation Supports Ethics Education with $4 Million Gift to U of Illinois Center for Professional Responsibilities in Business and Society

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